What is your assessment of the MWUN in three years of Comrade Adewale Adeyanju as the President General?

 Dr. Eugene Nweke (Stakeholder)

If a leadership’s vision and policy consolidation is worthwhile, then the MWUN demonstrated such feat so far. Wherefore, the ideal letters of unionism, which is, effective advocacy aimed to boost the welfare of its members, the MWUN stands out as one union in the industry that has been consistent in this regards, though it cannot go without peculiar leadership challenges. I don't believe in making comparison when it comes to leadership delivery to the people, because administrative styles differ.

Barrister Emmanuel Nwagbara (Stakeholder)

I think it is better organized now, it has to be like that they don’t have a choice than to show more understanding and skill in administration and I think they are doing that. It is not like the times when you hit the table and beat your chest, now I think they are better professionals managing the MWUN right now, better educated people who studied industrial relations and people who understand that industrial relations have to take into consideration the interest of the business they are serving. That is the interest off the business MWUN is serving the workers themselves, so in all I think the Adeyanju administration is doing well and I encourage him to do better.

Engineer Bob Yousuo (Merchant Navy)

Adeyanju is the best thing that so far happened to MWUN, it is not just for MWUN alone it crossed over to the Merchant Navy Association. He is a man that has listening ear, just only three years we at Merchant Navy are still benefitting from his inputs and contributions and I pray that the good Lord will strengthen him and give him longer time. His leadership is something worth emulating. I have also worked with him and will continue to work with him, I am looking towards working hand in hand to see how we can carry the seafarers and the maritime labour to the next level by the special grace of God. Muyiwa Akande (Terminal Operator)

The three years have not been bad, in the last three years we have witnessed industrial harmony in the sector, which is very good for business, during his tenure there has been less friction between operators and workers, there is a whole lot of constant engagement between operators and the leadership of MWUN, they have been able to resolve issues without resulting to industrial action. So I think that is one of the major achievements of the Adewale Adeyanju-led MWUN in the last three years.

Stanley Ezenga (Freight Forwarder)

Since this current leadership of MWUN came into power, the issue of industrial disharmony has really abated. They have been able to engage the operators in dialogue and I think their leaders are being proactive to forestall any breakdown of law and order. So I believe they are doing well.  Capt Tajudeen Alao

Maritime workers’ union is a labour union fighting for welfare of workers. So far they have managed the situation without rancor and disruption to shipping. So I give it to the executives.

Engineer Matthew Alalade (Merchant Navy)

He has done well, we need him, he has revived the industry, he made friends and he reconciled the old leaders in the sector and the maritime industry is moving ahead. So we need his type, he has done well.