Chinese Cargo Ship Sank After Collision With Fishing Vessel, East China Sea

Cargo ship SHENG HANG 189 collided with fishing vessel ZHEXIANGYUYUN03123 at 1050 Beijing time Sep 21 south of Shanghai, while en route from Nantong (shanghai area) to Fuzhou, northern Taiwan Strait. SHENG HANG 189 sank, 6 crew were rescued by a nearby vessel, directed to SAR by Ningbo Maritime Authority, and later transferred to port, all are safe.

Dutch Freighter Contacted Lock‘S Wall, Kiel

General cargo ship RIMINI reportedly contacted Lock’s wall in Kiel, while entering Kiel Canal, in the morning Sep 21. The ship is said to sustain damages, she passed Lock and was berthed alongside Canal pier or embankment, not far from the Lock, at around 0900 UTC Sep 21. As of 1310 UTC, she was still berthed. It is not the first time RIMINI contacted Lock in Kiel Canal, on May 17 this year she damaged gate and sustained bow damages, in Brunsbuettel Lock. She’s en route from Klaipeda Lithuania to Dordrecht Netherlands.

General cargo ship RIMINI, IMO 9421635, dwt 2600, built 2008, flag Netherlands, manager Amasus Shipping

6 Crew Members Rescued From Sinking Ship Along The Coast Of Xiangshan, Ningbo

At 10:50 on September 21, the Ningbo Maritime Department received a report informing them of the collision that had occurred along the coast of Xiangshan, Ningbo.

Due to the collision accident, the ship named “Shenghang 189” was sinking and urgently needed help. The report said that “Shenghang 189” and “Zhexiang Yuyun 03123” were in the waters north of Tantou Mountain which was positioned approximately: 29 degrees 15 minutes north latitude, 122 degrees 05 longitude Points.

As soon as they received the report, the maritime department jumped into action and promptly activated the emergency plan.

Maritime Department of the nearby area- Ningbo Xiangshan immediately dispatched “Hai Xun 07129” and “Hai Xun 0717” to the scene of the collision to execute the emergency response work and also guided the crew to do self-rescue work through VHF and telephone.

At 11:30 noon, “Hai Xun 07129” overcame the impact of wind and waves, arrived at the accident site first, quickly carried out rescue of personnel. They also did a thorough danger inspection and on-site alert work.