Tin Can Customs Decorates 114 Newly Promoted Officers     

One of the newly-promoted Customs officers; Assistant Comptroller Steve Okonmah( R) with colleagues  at the Customs headquarters in Abuja

The Tin Can Island Customs command yesterday decorated 114 of its officers who recently benefitted in the promotion exercise carried out by the customs Comptroller General, Col. Hameed Ali (rtd) 

Speaking at a brief ceremony at the command yesterday, the Area Controller of Tincan Island Customs Command, Comptroller Musa M.B.A.  charged officers and men of his command to be resourceful in the discharge of their duties.

He said ‘some of  us joined this career in the last 20 to 25 years and definitely our aspiration is that one day  we will get elevated to the next level, so what we are witnessing  today is elevation to the next level, but you have to remember one thing which is very important,  that elevation and promotion comes from God, eligibility considerations may have been considered,  examinations written, interviews conducted, selection done and list roll out for the management consideration, then the  board approval is given and final list sent to the area"

"It will interest you to know that a total of 114 officers in this command benefitted from this promotion.  What is special about promotion? What is special is that expectations is high, that you have been given this elevation,  the service and the government  expect you to perform even more. That is supposed to be upper most  in your mind as a beneficiary of this promotion"

“You have to work very hard, put in your very best,  be creative and know that it’s a career, many more considerations will come up in the future" he said

“For officers whose names failed to appear on the list of promoted officers, Compt Musa charged them not to repent and to continue putting in their best”

‘For those among us who have not been promoted,  well, God has a way of promoting everyone, that your name is not on this promotion list does not mean that yours will not come in due time,  just take it that yours is on the way,  we are all witnesses  to several event that has happened where people are not promoted at their perceived right time and some are promoted, but in due time their own promotions too came.

 So for those, whose names did not appear on this present promotion list, take it that yours will come soon and God will always reward hard work in his own way", he said.