Ladipo Market: The ‘Okirika’ Market For Tokunbo Vehicles

For so many people, Ladipo market   in the Mushin area of Lagos and off  Toyota Bus stop on the Apapa- Oshodi expressway , is only known for the sale of spare parts of different brands of vehicles, irrespective of the year.

But, not many know that the market does not only deal in vehicles spare parts, it also serves as a market for vehicle dealers who rely on the market to buy vehicles of different brands and years at a relatively cheaper prices , compared to what the same product will be sold in an average automobile market.

When Shipping Position Daily visited the ever-busy market last week, some traders at the market said that most dealers from the Berger automobile market patronize the Ladipo market a lot in search of vehicles at a lower price.

They also said that the relationship between Ladipo market and the African’s biggest automobile market; Berger is like the relationship that exists between oil and salt as one needs the other to be complete.

One of the dealers, who simply gave his names as Izu Oguh, said that, people patronize the market a lot in search of cheaper vehicles as most of the vehicles that come in here are used to bring in spare parts.

“This place is basically known for spare parts all over the state precisely, but some importers bring in the parts with vehicles and some of those vehicles are sold directly by the importer at a very cheap price. What is important to the importer is the spare parts and not the vehicles that come in the container. So the importer can sell-off the vehicle cheaper than what it can be sold in the automobile market as far as you have the money cash”, he explained.

Another trader at the Ladipo market;  Chidi Nbido, who sells vehicles electrical parts, car dealers are the ones that seems to be patronizing the place the more.

“In this market, vehicle dealers are the people that patronize this place more, its either they are looking for spare parts to repair the imported damaged vehicles or they are here to buy imported Tokunbo vehicles at a cheaper price”, he said.

He also said that the buying of vehicles here is normally by luck.

“For example there is a place here that they call warehouse ; that is where you can go and buy the vehicles at cheaper prices. The only thing about buying and selling of vehicles here is that it normally comes by luck. You might come here and you won’t see what you want to buy. You might also see what you want to buy, but the importer might not be willing to sell, at times the importer too might decide to sell at the same price with what others sell at Berger market. So it is mostly luck”, he concluded.