Basic Tips for Radiator Maintenance

You don’t want to see your radiator fall into disrepair, of course, but what can you do to stop it from doing so?

These are some tips to consider:

Keep the coolant, or radiator fluid, filled at all times. You should always administer coolant with a 50/50 water mix, or purchase an already watered-down version from your local auto supply store.

Keep the radiator cap on tight; it’s designed to keep the entire coolant chamber pressurized.

Has your radiator cleaned out a couple of times each year? To save some time and also make it easier to remember, you can have this service performed whenever you take your vehicle in for a tire rotation or oil change.

Have your radiator flushed and filled on an annual basis. This is another service you can have done by your local trusted technician.

How Often Should You Flush Your Radiator?

The frequency of when radiator flushes should be performed varies by vehicle. Most cars typically require this service annually. In some cases, for those who drive their cars pretty heavily throughout the year and rack up a lot of miles, additional flushes may be necessary. This is something that your auto technician can help advise when you’re at the shop.

Flushes are required to rid your radiator of particle buildup and prevent clogging. If recommended flushes are not performed, this buildup can spill throughout the entire cooling system. The results can be degradation and wearing down of the cooling system while preventing it from functioning properly.

The bottom line is that, for any vehicle owner, radiator upkeep should be a priority.