Mercedes Brands Gradually Returning Into Nigeria’s Automobile Market?

Fresh investigations have revealed that Germany automobile brand, Mercedes Benz, is gradually making a new in-road into the automobile market especially in Nigeria as the demand for the brand is on the increase.

When Shipping Position Daily visited some major automobile markets, it was gathered that although the demand for Mercedes cars is on increase, but Toyota products still takes the lead in terms of demand because it is easy to maintain.

Some dealers told our correspondent that the reason Mercedes is gradually gaining mass acceptance in the Nigeria’s automobile is not just because of its sleekly nature, but the brand is loaded with lots of features which makes driving fun and pleasurable.

An automobile dealer at the Berger automobile market, who gave his name as Donatus Chinonso, said that despite the expensive nature of the brand, rich people who want to enjoy driving still go for the brand.

He also said that Toyota brands are mostly for ‘beginners’, because it is easier to maintain unlike any other brand.

“I disagree with you that people buy Mercedes more than other brands, people patronize Toyota products more than any other brand because of so many reasons. Toyota products are mostly cheap unlike other brands and they are easy to maintain, you don’t need a special auto mechanic to fix a Toyota brand for you, you can do it anywhere at any time and they are relatively strong”, he argued.

Speaking further he said, “Mercedes brands are for big boys, if you don’t have enough money don’t go for the brand, but if you are rich and you wish to enjoy driving, go for Mercedes they will give you what you want. The features in their brands are so good; the steering is soft and can turn to any angle”.

Mr. Jude Obidiegwu, who is also a car dealer said that as a business man be prefers to have a Toyota brands in his shop than a Mercedes, because he is sure that he can sell at least three of his Toyota brand especially, Corolla before selling one Mercedes.

“Mercedes brands are nice but they are just expensive, people prefer Toyota to Mercedes at least most offices use Toyota as official car, unlike Mercedes. So as a business man I prefer Toyota because it is easier to sell”, he said.

Also speaking, an owner of a Mercedes Benz 4Matic GLE, who simply gave his name as Igwe described the brand as the only brand that can give you the satisfaction that you deserve as a car user.

He said he has been a long fan on the brand and has never used any other brand except Mercedes.

“To me there are only two brands of cars in the world, Mercedes and others. I have been a long fan of the brand and I have been using that right from the time I bought my first car two years ago”, he said.