Truck Owners To Commence Enlightenment Program For Drivers

Trucker owners under the aegis of National Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO), have concluded plans to start education and enlightenment programme for their drivers and motor boys.In a chat with Shipping Position Daily, the state Vice Chairman, Dry Cargo Arm of NARTO, Alhaji Inuwa Abdullahi also called on commercial bus operators, (Danfo) to caution themselves especially at Coconut, Tin-Can and Eleganza bus stops.He urged the management to use, Point Road, leading to Area ‘B’ police station as the alternative route to reduce traffic on the ports’ access road. “Activities have to be put in place to caution the activities of commercial bus drivers along Coconut, Eleganza, Tin-Can, Trinity down to Sunrise, because they constitute major traffic there. We will collectively educate our drivers with whatever information we gather from all relevant government agencies that will help the free flow of traffic on the road and we will also ensure that our drivers cooperate with the traffic agencies”  he concluded.