Volume Of Car Imports Gradually Coming Back---Grimaldi

Grimaldi vessel discharging at PTML terminal Tin Can Port, Lagos

The General Manager of Grimaldi Shipping Company; Mr. Tunde Keshinro has said that activities are gradually returning to normalcy at the PTML terminal as the units of containers that enter the terminal has increased. Mr Keshinro disclosed this in an interview with Shipping Position Daily last week in Lagos, even as he said that although importation of vehicles has increased in the ports. He however said that most of the vehicles have been involved in accidents prior to shipment to Nigeria.He expressed happiness that activities in the ports have started picking up, when compared to how it was a couple of weeks ago. He also expressed hope that with the intervention of the Central Bank of Nigeria in making forex available to end users, there will be improvement in volume of vehicles being imported.He told our correspondent that: “The volume of the import we record weekly is gradually coming back, although most of the vehicles that come in now are accident cars. Maybe it is because of the economic situation of the country but the units have increased unlike what it used to be earlier this year”.He added that, “before the increment on duty, we used to have about 2000 units monthly in this terminal, but it has dropped to 600. We are grateful it is gradually picking up. We are having about 360,000 to 370,000 across terminals in the industry. During the period of this tariff increase, we were struggling with 150,000 units. Last month, we recorded 8,000 units. We are very hopeful that with intervention of the Central Bank of Nigeria, as they have started making money available to end users, things will greatly improve. We hope the money will get to the importers for the importation to increase. The appreciation of Naira I believe will also boast the importation” he concluded.