Le Havre In Line For €500m Port Infrastructure Investment

 France’s Port of Le Havre

 France's largest container port, Le Havre, will invest €500m ($583m) in infrastructure upgrades to complete its Port 2000 project.

The investment will include the construction of berths 11 and 12, as well as a flap gate.

Building berths 11 and 12 will mark a foundation for the investment project, Le Havre director Herve Martel said in a statement.

Four other infrastructure investments are under consideration and at the research phase. These include a ro-ro terminal and a further development of its North Port, which serves the Atlantic container trades.

Road infrastructure in the port’s industrial zone and the A29 motorway will also be redeveloped.

While port safety and security facility upgrades are also being considered.

Private sector financing for the project will be overseen by the supervisory board.

Le Havre is set to make a submission to the European Commission to fund 20% of the cost of the work.