APMT Offers To Purchase Scanning Machines At Apapa Port


There are fresh indications that APM Terminal (APMT); one of the leading terminal operators in Apapa Port has offered to assist the Federal Government in purchasing scanning machines at Apapa port in order to enhance cargo clearance.

 A management staff of APMT Apapa who pleaded anonymity confirmed to Shipping Position Daily that the terminal has written a proposal to the Federal Government for approval to purchase the scanners. 

He however said that government has not said anything about it. He said however that the scanning machine is only going to be stationed inside APM Terminal to fast-tracks it's clearance procedure.   

"It is best for every terminal to have their scanners just like we have it at the airport. We are interested in our terminal because it would make trade faster." Due to ongoing construction of the wharf road in Apapa, he said that dully cleared cargoes cannot exit the terminal and this has affected the output of the terminal. He lamented that lack traffic management is the bane of the traffic situation in Apapa.

 He told our correspondent that the terminal is engaging the Nigerian Ports Authority, the Lagos State Government among others to create traffic control.

 "Everybody blames APMT but that is not true, we are just one out of the numerous stakeholders in the maritime sector?. Due to ongoing road construction, a four lane road has been reduced to two lanes and it becomes very difficult for articulated vehicles and small private vehicles to pass" 

"What we are saying is that proper traffic management should be in place, APMT as a port operator is only limited to their terminal, we cannot do anything on the road. But we have been clamouring that there should be a proper traffic management on the road, if you go on the road now, you might not see a traffic officer"

 He suggested that, in order to have a traffic flow during the construction of the wharf road, there should be one traffic way into Apapa and one way out. According to him, inbound trucks should divert at Area 'B' Police Station? and enter through Creek Road while those going out should come out through Wharf road. ?"For us as a terminal, there is a limit, if we cannot get trucks out, new ones cannot come in, we do so for easy maneuver of our equipment and safety concerns" "We have been engaging with NPA who is our landlord, the local government chairman, the Commissioner of works in Lagos, house of representative member in Apapa, the Navy and the police?"