ILLEGAL ARMS IMPORTATION: Customs Promotes Uncompromised Officers

The Nigeria Customs Service said last week that some of its officers who refused to be compromised in the serial seizure of arms that were illegally imported into Nigeria have been promoted. 

Confirming this to our correspondent last week, the National Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Nigeria Customs Service; Mr Joseph Attah said that cases involving both customs officers and civilians who were allegedly involved in the seizures are still in court.

 He added that, while some Customs officers are already facing trials in the Courts, some officers who exhibited high sense of responsibility and discipline by refusing to be bribed have been promoted.

Even though Attah refused to divulge the identity of the lucky officers, he nevertheless confirmed they were elevated to their next ranks.

He added that it was a case of rewarding hard work and punishing offenders as the officers who compromised on the arms importation saga have all been dismissed and the ones who did not compromise were promoted.

“On the officers and civilians involved in the arms seizure, you know that the first one that, is the 661 pump action riffles that exited from Apapa ports, the case is still in the court, including the operative of the customs who were indicted by the investigation’’, he stated. 

 Speaking further on the fate of the indicted officers, Attah said, ‘’they were not only dismissed, but also handed over for prosecution’’.

  ‘’In that same seizure, eight officers that investigated the seizure and refused to be compromised, that did the patriotic thing were all promoted’’. 

So it was a case of reward for a good work done and punishment for the wrong thing. The other seizures are already at the advance stage of various investigations”, he concluded.