Shipping Companies Slam Container Detention Charges On Nigerian Importers   

 Fresh indications have emerged that shipping companies operating at Nigerian Ports have now slammed a fresh charge, 'Container Detention Charges' on Nigerian importers and clearing agents.

Shipping Position Daily investigations revealed that the charge attracts as much as  N200,000 which the shipping companies allegedly collect in addition to container deposits which is already being paid statutorily.

Confirming this, Vice President of Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA); Mr Kayode Farino, at a recent event said the fee is exhausted as the container is being delayed in Apapa traffic on its way back to the port.

He also alleged that despite the lull in activities at the port, shipping companies are smiling to the bank and making more money.

Farinto said; "I was in a restaurant and I heard the Europeans saying that even though there is lull in business, they are making more money"

"Perhaps you don't know that as your empty container is on the truck, your container deposit is depleting on a daily basis, what they issue now is called 'Container Detention' charges"

"This is abnormal, it is an aberration and it is exploitative, we are currently handling this with the Nigerian Shippers Council"

The association also raised an alarm on alleged extortion of Importers and truckers by the Nigerian Navy on access roads to the port.

Farinto alleged that Nigeria Navy was making over N600Miillion daily as bribes collected from every truck that is accessing Tin Can Island Port and the Lagos Port Complex.

"On investigation, we realised that the Navy makes over N600Million daily on bribe for every empty truck that enters the port"

"We wrote a letter to the Naval Commander, he came to have a meeting with us but unfortunately, it was a public holiday"

The association had earlier alleged that Naval officers stationed on Mile 2 bridge and Ijora bride were collecting N150,000 from every truck accessing the port.