Make This Term A New Era For The Maritime Industry ... NIMSID Advises Buhari

The leadership of the Nigerian Maritime Society in Diaspora ( NIMSID ) has appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to use the opportunity of his second term to positively impact on the Nigerian maritime industry.

In a statement signed by Capt DM Hills on behalf of the group, the NIMSID said, “it’s our hope and prayer that this tenure will usher in more progress and true prosperity in every sector of our national life”

In its appraisal of the maritime industry in the past four years of President Buhari, the seafarers alleged that the administration had not impacted on the industry, and that the industry has not witnessed any tangible investment.

“As concerned stakeholders in the maritime industry, our group notes that, the maritime sector has done below expectation in the last four years, there was no remarkable reform whatsoever, no tangible economic growth ,poor foreign investment turn out, job creation index in the section shameful”, it lamented.

The NIMSID also observed that the mandatory sea time programme for cadets has suffered between 2015 and 2019.

“The cadet sea time programme for the past four years was very and shameful, and despite the huge money sank to get certified by the US Coastguard who came to inspect our facilities, the result we got after their inspection was very unfortunate and regrettable”

“Over one year after NIMISA expressed satisfaction with Nigeria’s compliance level with the International Ships and Ports Security (ISPS) Code; the United States Coast Guard (USCG) has come out to slam sanctions on Nigeria for port security lapses”, it noted.

“But as Nigerian youths continue to show greater interest in and clamour for jobs in the maritime industry, adequate preparations must be made to absolve and train them for future maritime needs”, the NIMSID advised.

It also urged the administration on the way to go as it begins its second term in office.

“Cabotage must be re-activated fully and enforced. Indigenous ship owners must be given right of first refusal within the country. A new national shipping line should be launched to create job opportunities and empowerment”.

“The Nigerian Shippers’ Council, must be fully founded, NSC as economic regulator must be alive to its regulatory role even to other government agencies”, it added.