Tin Can Customs Suspends Training Of Stakeholders, Officers As Learning Centre Undergoes Repairs

 The Tin Can Island Command of the Nigeria Customs Service has said that training activities at the command was suspended in order to allow for total renovation of its ICT training centre at the command.

Speaking with Shipping Position Daily last week, Public Relations Officer of the command, Mr. Uche Ejesieme said the command is upgrading its training facility as well as rejigging the architectural profile of the centre, and others in order  to give it a  face lift.

He said that so far, the command has actually covered all areas of training for its officers and that officers are now abreast of the new system; Nigerian Customs Integrated Information System (NICIS 2).

He said that topics ranging from valuation to risk management and classification, corporate governance and interpersonal skills have all been covered and that officers are well positioned and good to go.

On the part of its stakeholders, he said the command has equally brought them to be on the same page with customs. He however said customs is ready to train any group or stakeholder who comes forward and indicate their interest through a letter.

Mr. Ejesieme reiterated that "The training centre is undergoing a total overhaul, from the PoP where we noticed some defects, to the seats, the work stations and others, if you go there now you would see that construction work is going on, we are trying to upgrade the facility"

"We have actually had all manner of training in the place before now, so the Controller in his wisdom and in the spirit of continuity has decided to rejig the architectural profile of the place to give it a further face lift, so that by the time we are done, we would resume back the training"

"Comptroller Musa have also repeatedly told stakeholders that have had course to visit him that once you receive a letter from any organization, what we normally do is to first and foremost study the letter and know how to prepare the curriculum for the training and know the resource persons to invite, even some of the them come from headquarters"

"For now, there is no letter to the effect on training.

I can assure you that in the next few weeks, this renovation exercise would be completed and if we see a letter from any area, I can assure you that once we are ready and the faculty is ready, we would commence training"

Ejesieme said that the training programme initiated by the command are the once that concerns her officers, saying that any group of stakeholders that require training would have to indicate this by themselves. 

He said "For instance whenever there is a new policy on import and export or any kind of innovation that needs an upgrade of the system that we need our officers to be abreast of it, we call them to give them training, if it is on data processing, valuation classification or any kind of renovation to be processed"