German Freighter Attacked, Fuel Siphoned – On Danube River, EU, Not In Gulf Of Guinea

German inland cargo ship HELLFRIED was attacked early in the morning Oct 24 at 1118 kilometer mark Danube river, Smederovo port, Serbia. Perpetrators siphoned about a ton of fuel, and fled. This is the second act of piracy involving fuel theft in this year, but pirates or robbers don’t restrict themselves to fuel only, other robberies and thefts were reported.

Inland cargo ship HELLFRIED, MMSI 211183340, GT 1130, flag Germany.

 Container Ship MAERSK LAUNCESTON Cut In Two Greek Navy Ship In Collision

LAUNCESTON collided with Greek Navy minesweeper KALLISTO at 0740 UTC Oct 27 while leaving Piraeus, Greece, bound for Canakkale Turkey. Container ship understood to sustain slight bow damages, while minesweeper was literally cut in two, and judging from photos, stern sank soon after accident. 2 crew were injured and later hospitalized. Understood all KALLISTO crew were evacuated, while salvors are trying to salvage the fore part of the ship and tow it to base. Container ship was ordered to return to Piraeus for investigation.

Container ship MAERSK LAUNCESTON, IMO 9294408, dwt 62994, capacity 4035 TEU, built 2005, flag Portugal, manager ESSBERGER JT GMBH.

Greek Navy minesweeper KALLISTO (ex- HMS Berkeley), displacement 750 tons, built 1987, complement 45, armament counter mine equipment, guns. 

Greek Container Ship Pushed By Storm Onto Tripoli Port Breakwater

Libyan sources reported cargo ship pushed in breakwater of Tripoli port on Oct 27, by a strong storm which is battering the area. Later it has become known, that container ship MSF LADY HALOUM drifted on breakwater after her anchor/anchors dragged, and crew couldn’t respond in time to avoid grounding. As of 0800 UTC Oct 28, the ship was still sitting on breakwater, with Italian offshore tug ASSO VENTINOVE (IMO 9379428) trying to refloat her. Damages yet unknown, container ship arrived at Tripoli anchorage from Piraeus.

Container ship MSF LADY HALOUM, IMO 9020338, dwt 12200, capacity 1139 TEU, built 1993, flag Panama, manager KAPPA INTL MARITIME SA, Greece.