What is your assessment of NAGAFF at 20?

 Mr. Johnny Ubaka (Stakeholder)

It is good they are celebrating their anniversary, but the question is, what are they celebrating, the industry is in chaos and there are so many challenges which they have not been able to be address. I think they should look inward and see where there are lapses and see what they can do. They should look inwards in the area of protecting the freight forwarders. For instance, now the freight forwarders are not happy, some of their members are being killed on daily basis, there is no decorum in the industry, I wonder what they are even celebrating.

Mr. Joe Sanni (ANLCA)

I have nothing to say about NAGAFF making noise about nothing, I am sorry for giving you such a response. I respect them, but while congratulating them, they are necessarily hyping what is not necessary. Let them just maintain their own lane and stop interrupting licensed customs agents. Their jobs are different from ours, their jobs are transport while ours are customs brokerage, and they are two different things. They should not be pretending that they are customs brokers or agents. They should realize that they were once part and parcel of ANLCA, so there is nothing much difference from what they are celebrating; they are only celebrating resistance to the licensed customs of which they were part of about 20 years ago. There is nothing much to celebrate because freight forwarding is different from customs agents work. Let them stop pretending that they are customs agents, meanwhile they are freight forwarders, if they are customs agents they should join ANLCA and stop causing confusion in the lives of the people. They should face their own line of action which is transportation and stop disturbing licensed agents.

Dr. Frank Ukor (AREFFN)

I want to congratulate them; they are playing very vital role in the industry, if not because of NAGAFF some of the people that are in the CRFFN now would not have been there. It was the role the founder of NAGAFF, Dr. Boniface Aniebonam played through NAGAFF that made some people from other associations to be there, NAGAFF would have taken over the whole seats, but as it is now all other associations are properly represented in the council. They didn’t invite us for their programmes that is why most of us were not there, associations were not invited. 

Mr. Peter Akintoye (ANLCA)

Just to congratulate them for their efforts. They should do more for the good of the maritime industry. But for me so far they have tried once again I want to congratulate them.    Pious Ujubuono (Member ANLCA)

Well, I am not a member of NAGAFF, but I am an operator in the port industry, I will say NAGAFF has done well for themselves, they have made some positive impacts in the freight forwarding and customs brokerage industry, they brought in scholarship, they have also brought in some innovative approach to way things are done in the industry, they also brought in a bit of militancy to the industry, when I said militancy, I don’t mean been coercive, actually they brought in a kind of advocacy between government securities providers and other government agencies.

On the other hand, they have created some clogs in the wheel of progress in the industry, because some of the top echelon of the association tends to follow the part of destruction where there is agitation for rectitude, you see some of them working against the tide of the agitation, but at the same time every organization will have to have a character, both negative and positive. Generally, I will say NAGAFF has waded through a lot of difficulties, having come this far, I will say they have done well for themselves generally.

Festus Ukwu (National Secretary NCMDLCA)

I was involved in the struggle for NAGAFF. Dr Aniebonam has been doing very well, so far so good, NAGAFF is doing fine, and they have a good structure, the founder has set up a good structure with people who are propelling the place very well, so I would say NAGAFF is moving and a very big congratulation to them.

Dr. Segun Musa (Stakeholder)

It’s been a landmark achievement, if you look at where they are coming from and where they are, you will agree with me that it is worth celebrating, from nothing and today they are counting bountiful harvests. I will tell you it’s not easy, NAGAAFF has become a household name in the country, because they have added value to the industry, they have professionalized the industry and they have given the country a big recognition, both locally and globally. Dr. Zebulon Ikokide (Stakeholder)

Celebrating 20 years is not a new thing, for them to live up to this level is a very good feat, and I congratulate them on their 20th anniversary.