What Is Your Assessment Of The Maritime Workers Union Of Nigeria

 Reuben Ovai(Stakeholder)

They have been able to achieve a great milestone in the area of negotiating wages between International Oil Companies and dockworkers without bloodshed and that is what better management is all about. There have been positive scores already and that is what unionism is all about; ability to improve the condition of your members without violence.

Rev Jonathan Nicol (SALS)

My statement is very short, they have been able to solve some of their problems without being violent and that means that they have been doing well. Because he has been able to sort out the difficult problems which the union had on the platter of negotiation, collective bargain and friendship and these are the criteria for good leadership. You know a leader must know how to handle crisis. 

Stanley Ezenga (NAGAFF)

Well, the union under this current leadership i doing very well, better  than before, but with the recent return of wharf rats at the terminals, that means a lot of things still have to be done. Because a situation where vehicles are vandalized, of late a full container load of items were tampered with and that calls for serious concern,  that is the area where they are not really doing well. Either the security in those areas of the terminals is compromised. In terms  of doing their work,  they have really improved, they now come for examinations on Saturdays and Sundays and those workers are always around to do their statutory jobs.  

Mr. John Okpono(Merchant Navy)

The MWUN PG is a complete gentle man, he is somebody that loves unity and peace and his best policy is dialogue, he is all involving, he carries everybody along; both the dockworkers and the seafarers. He brings all the various branches to one indivisible unit. He is even fighting to have a national dockworkers day like what seafarers do, he has been able to manage their entire crisis and bring them to zero, remember we just signed the NJIC

Capt Tajudeen Alao

I think the union is for level 7 and below, they carters for dock workers and junior workers welfare. So grouping Merchant Navy Officers and senior water Transport officers with it is wrong. For me the stevedore welfare has also not improved much.

Matthew Alalade

I think the man is doing absolutely great, looking at some of his achievement so far, we know every leader has their own style, his leadership style is fine and we can only encourage him to do more, we have seen what he has done and I think MWUN  president general has done very well. Barrister Alex Afolalu

I think the leadership has demonstrated how things can be done in a more decent way to get the government to do the needful, without breaking heads or destroying property, we have seen them become more calm in recent time; however I still believe they still need to do more for the seafarers and the dockworkers. I don’t know the position of the IOCs now, but I think engaging them intellectually has paved the way for them.