One Crew Fell Overboard, Another Jumped To Save Him, One Of Them Died

One crew of general cargo ship MARE fell overboard in Varna waters, Bulgaria, shortly after the ship western Varna port in the evening Dec 14. Another crew jumped overboard to save him. Understood because of night time, they couldn’t be rescued immediately, SAR was launched with deployment of port and CG boats. One seaman was picked up, alive, while another one regretfully, was found later dead. The ship was anchored in inner Varna port waters, for investigation. As of afternoon Dec 15, the ship was still at anchor. Both seamen are of Turkish nationality.

 Cargo Ship Contacted Pier, Both Damaged, Kalimantan

General cargo ship LIMA VALERIE contacted pier in Kapuas river Delta, western Kalimantan, Indonesia, downstream from Pontianak Port, at around 0500 LT (UTC +7) Dec 16. Circumstances of an accident unclear, the ship could be either leaving Wajok Hilir Village, or berthing, or the village. Pier suffered considerable considerable damages, ship’s bow said to sustain damages, too.