Freight Forwarders Call For The Establishment Of Freight Forwarders Village At PTML    

Freight forwarders under the auspices of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) have called on Ports & Terminal Multipurpose Limited (PTML), operating at Tin Can Port to provide a mini cargo village to enhance shelter for practitioners operating at the terminal.

Making the demand in a statement signed last week in Lagos, founder of NAGAFF; Dr Boniface Aniebonam, also maintained that there is need for freight forwarders to be treated with respect in the cause of going about their legitimate business at the port.

In the statement, NAGAFF posited that, “a Freight Forwarders mini cargo village be provided to enhance shelter against scorch from sun and during rainy season for all freight forwarders and licensed customs agents operating at PTML/Grimaldi.  It is our expectation that freight Forwarders should be treated with decency”

The NAGAFF founder also warned members of the association to desist from any act of violence in the process of carrying out their legitimate businesses, adding that any member caught will be expelled.

In a veiled reference to the face-off between the association and operators of PTML, NAGAFF reiterated that violence cannot resolve the issue of port access card.

“May we at this point inform all concerned that NAGAFF is a knowledge-driven organization and accordingly we shall continue to deploy civilized conduct in our policy advocacy role to address all contending issues rather than violent approach”, it said.

“It is therefore necessary and timely information to all concerned that anybody found in a violent conduct is definitely not a member of NAGAFF.

The Intelligence Unit of NAGAFF has been mandated to keep an eye over those disgruntled elements with the intent to cause public disorder which is avoidable and unnecessary.  It is a fact that violence cannot resolve any dispute but rather constructive engagement among parties concerned to resolve all matters of concern”

He said that the association is in touch with the relevant agencies to ensure that the lives of its members are well protected.

“NAGAFF is equally in touch with the AIG Maritime and the CP Ports on matters of protection of life and properties of all our members that come to the Nigerian Ports to transact genuine business. We shall in due course make further statement but be sure that this matter shall come to an end in due time and all parties shall appreciate each other more as responsible partners.  PTML is an investor in our country and it behooves on all of us to encourage and partner with them as good citizens of Nigeria.  Above all, parties must imbibe the spirit of observing the rule of law and regulations as it borders on ports management and administration.  This is the right way to go if we deserve a peaceful society”, he concluded.