Dealers Lauds Sallah Celebration, Say Sales Picked-up

Automobile dealers in some parts of Lagos state seem to have taken a deep breath of relief, especially during the recent festive season, investigations revealed that most of them smiled and are still smiling to the banks, even after the Sallah celebrations.

When Shipping Position Daily visited some of the major automobile markets in the state, including African biggest automobile market; Berger and some other automobile shops, dealers and agents confessed to enjoy sales, especially of smaller vehicles like the Toyota brands, especially of 200 to 2006 models.

One of the dealers who simply identified himself as Uche Okoni, whose shop is in the Alimosho area of the state, said that although the economy is very hard, there were one or two good sales especially during the festive period.

“Well, I must tell you the truth, there were high sales last week during the festive period. I can remember I have some deliveries before that period and I was able to sell some of my vehicles- a Lexus SUV, and Salon. I also sold Toyota Camry and another. And I am still very hopeful that I will make more sales. So we are very grateful to God for the favour”

Another dealer at Berger, who pleaded to be anonymous, said that even before the Salah celebrations, sales had picked-up, adding that he sold smaller vehicles like Toyota Corolla more than others.

“It has always been like this whenever we are approaching festive periods like this, there used to be increase in sales. This year’s sales were better than what we experienced last year. Last year was the worst. We are still making some sales, but mostly Toyota brands”