CILT Advices Government To Review Tariffs On Imported Vehicles

The Chattered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) has advised the government to review the tariff and duties payable on vehicles instead of losing them entirely to smugglers.

The Acting National Director of CILT, Mr. Paul Ndibe, who disclosed this in a chat with Shipping Position Daily in Lagos week, also said that by reviewing the duties on vehicles it will help the government curtail smuggling which in return will reduce the amount of money that the government loses to smuggling.

He also urged the government to ensure that the new tariff will tally with the ones from other neighbouring countries so as to also discourage these economic saboteurs from involving themselves in such illegal business.

He also maintained that it is more expensive financing the fight against these smugglers than reviewing the tariffs on these vehicles.

“My advice is for the sake of not losing revenue entirely on these vehicles, they may review the tariff and customs duty relating to this type of vehicles and have them regularly admitted into the country instead of losing out entirely”

And then funding their interception within the country which may be more expensive, government might also look at let it be comparable with the port in Cotonou to enable them bring the vehicles  formally into the country so that these revenues can be saved. Instead of having them very high or higher than in Cotonou and when they are smuggled into the country the government loses entirely, no duties will be collected on them. And then the government comes around to fund the customs to go after the vehicles that might be smuggled into the country at a higher cost”, he argued.   

Also reacting to a statement recently credited to the Managing Director of Ports & Terminal Multipurpose Limited (PTML) Mr Ascanio Russo, that most smuggled exotic vehicles from Cotonou were actually destined for Nigeria but the importers decided to stop at the Cotonou ports and then smuggle them into Nigeria, Mr. Ndibe advised the government to provide the necessary structures to evaluate these vehicles before they are allowed into the country.

He also said that by doing that the government will also be encouraging cross border trade between Nigeria and Benin Republic.

“Well this has been an age long information associated with vehicles coming into the country through the land borders. If the information is correct in its entirety and the government is aware and we want to encourage cross border trade which will also include movement of such imported vehicles, one would expect the government to provide the necessary structures for evaluating these vehicles before they enter into our territory” ,he concluded.