10 Warning Signs Your Liver is Full of Toxins

Did you know that your liver has over 400 functions in your body? The liver is one of the most important organs. The main function of liver is to clean the body from all kind of toxins and pollutants that you encounter every day from your environment.

You get exposed to toxins from air , water, plastics, etc and this cannot be avoided no matter how healthy your lifestyle is.

The liver turns these toxins into waste and disposes it out of the body through urine. It digests the fats, stores essential nutrients and processes these nutrients.

Liver is also responsible for repairing damaged cells in the body. This makes liver a vital organ which should be healthy for overall body well being.

Liver is receiving almost 30% of your body’s food which is then cleaned and filtered before being sent back to the body.

It is working hard every minute to filter those thousands of dangerous toxins from your body, but have you every though if your liver is healthy or not? Initially, you may not realize that your liver is getting harmed but in the later stages you will observe many signs and symptoms indicating an unhealthy liver.

Here, we will discuss in details of the 10 warning signs that your liver might be full of toxins.

1. Extreme Fatigue:

You may have been experiencing unexplained exhaustion and fatigue even when you are not doing anything. This may last for months, before you notice the seriousness of the condition.

The liver is responsible in providing energy to the body up to an extent as it turn glucose in glycogen and stores it for use later. When you have healthy working liver, it keeps supplying glucose to your body in between meals for energy.

However, an unhealthy liver which is full of toxins cannot store this glucose and thus cannot contribute towards the energy.

This leads to the feeling of being tired all the time. This chronic fatigue can make you lethargic and sluggish all the time.

2. Pale Skin and Yellow Eyes:

When a liver is not functioning properly and is diseased, it makes the system collect a lot of bilirubin which is a yellow pigment, formed by breakdown of red blood cells.

As the liver is toxic, it fails to get rid of the old red blood cells and bilirubin which results in Jaundice. Jaundice is the scientific term used when your skin and eyes get pigmented into a yellowish tone.

3. Abdominal Pain:

A liver full of toxins can cause inflammation. This inflammation further results in abdominal pain. As the liver is itself a large organ, when it gets inflamed, it presses on other organs, which leads to discomfort.

4. Frequent Allergies:

A healthy liver filters the body of all harmful substances and gets rid of any potentially dangerous allergens.

When so many substances enter into your blood, the immune system recognises them as allergens and stimulated anti-bodies.

If your liver is full of toxic substances, you will start getting frequent allergies without any explanation or reason.

5. Gaining too Much Weight:

You might be eating healthy food and exercise a lot, but still gaining a lot of weight. People tend to gain weight even if they are not over eating or have any hormonal imbalance.

Well, the reason behind that is a toxic and unhealthy liver. When the liver cannot get rid of the toxic substances that it is exposed to, it stores everything.

The overload liver will not let you lose weight until and unless you cleanse and filter it of all the toxins that you get from sweeteners, alcohol, medicines, etc.

6. Swelling in Legs and Ankles:

When your liver is in an unhealthy state and you ignore it for a long time, it tries to repair itself by creating scar tissues.

These scar tissues do not let the liver operate which results in hypertension.

Hypertension makes the fluids to get collected in the legs which results in swelling. Even though this swelling is not painful but it can cause a lot of discomfort. The swelling can extend the ankles, things and calves.

7. Itchy and Irritable Skin:

Liver damages can result in the formation of bile in the blood stream. This bile can create rashes on your skin and make it extremely itchy.

The blockage of bile duct leads to stagnation of bile which flows in the blood and causes irritable skin. If you had been itching a lot lately, then it’s time to pay some attention to your liver.

8. Easy Bruising and Bleeding:

Are you getting bruised and bleed easily, even because of a small scratch? Then it can be because your liver is not in a healthy shape because the proteins that you require to clot the blood are not being generated enough.

9. Lack of Concentration:

If you have been struggling to concentrate while reading or working, then it might be that your body is not getting enough energy. It happens when your blood has too many toxins that are releases from a toxic liver.

When you don’t get enough energy, it makes you lose concentration and lose metal clarity.

10. Foul Breath:

Embarrassed about bad breath, that just won’t go away?

High levels of toxic in your blood stream can result in some fruity, musky smell from your mouth which doesn’t go away even when you are maintaining a good dental hygiene.

More Common Signs:

•         Small spider like capillaries under the skin that are clearly visible

•         Blemishes and pigmentation on face and body

•         Itching and burning sensation in the palm of your hands

•         Excessive sweating

•         Headaches and migraines

If you observe any of the above mentioned signs and symptoms constantly, then it’s time to give your liver the much need detox and boost. Do not take this organ of your body for granted, ignorance can lead to serious health condition later.

Liver can heal itself, but we would still recommend the use of natural products to boost your liver’s performance.