Don’t you think the Protracted Crisis within ANLCA can consume it?

 Dr. Frank Ukor (BOT Chair, AREFFN)

There is a life span for every living thing or any organization. There are four stages; the golden, the silver, the bronze ages and the Iron Age, otherwise known as Kali Yuga age which is the last age. Once an organization gets to the Iron Age, it begins to have upheavals. That signals the beginning of the end. It is a natural phenomenon and it must come to pass.

Coming to ANLCA imbroglios, it is a sign of their end time. Once it sets in, there must continue to be problems and misunderstandings until the center can no more hold. The problem now will soon be resolved, but another one will still sprout from nowhere. It is a matter of time before ANLCA becomes history. AREFFN is gearing up to take over from where ANLCA will stop. It is just a matter of time. 

Mathew Ajose (Shipper)

I believe the crisis in ANLCA is an avoidable one, the crisis was sparked off by individual greed and personal aggrandizement, there are people within the association who believe that their position is to curry jobs and favours from customs, instead of using the position to help and ameliorate the suffering of their members. Unless these individuals are removed, they are going to sink the association, it might even go into oblivion because more factions and other new associations would begin to spring up. Even if you resolve the current crisis, some greedy elements will start another fight. Secondly, the National President of ANLCA, Tony Iju is failing in his duties as ANLCA president, not minding his political ambition, we expected him to rise up to the occasion and take a decisive step to douse the tension. 

Frank Aliakor (Licensed Customs Agent, Apapa)

I don’t expect the crisis to consume ANLCA; the protracted crisis in the association is an in-house thing which will soon be resolved. ANLCA is a one big family association which has been in existence since 1954. The crisis cannot consume it, rather it will strengthen it the more when all concerned realized that they have made a mistake and come to a round table to rebuild it. ANLCA does not operate in ethnic coloration. 

Nzeribe Ebere (Secretary, ANLCA, Tin Can Chapter)

The protracted crises in ANLCA cannot and will not consume the association; reasons are that at the end of the day, the judiciary being the last hope for the common man will vindicate the uprights in this matter. Furthermore, based on the outcome of the litigation, ANLCA will be stronger having known the brain behind this turbulent journey so far. Every organization passes a phase in life; probably this is our own phases.

Yes, internal arbitration should have been the best way out of the board crisis, but the Prince Taiye (BOT Secretary of ANLCA) faction should have sought that avenue before filing a case against their own association. You and I know that this crisis is just as a result of greed, haven lost out from the Enugu election.

 Stanley Ezenga (PRO, NAGAFF)

We in NAGAFF are praying for ANLCA  to come out of this crisis quickly, you know they are now polarized, we have the Elochukwu section and Tony Iju Nwabunike section and you know they are all big gladiators. Let their BoT rally together and settle this issue because it is not too healthy for our profession. ANLCA being the oldest and the foremost freight forwarding association in the industry, they should rally round and come out of it. Because honestly, if they keep going like this, NAGAFF may not really do all the needful to bring sanity in the industry, it is possible that this their crisis may lead to the dissolution of the association because some of them who feel that they have the crowd may decide to form their own association which might not be healthy for the industry. So they should sit down together and restore their image.

 Peter Obih (ANLCA BOT member) 

Why will it lead to the end of the association? When Biafra tried to leave Nigeria, did it lead to the end of Nigeria? It is not possible, some elements in ANLCA, very few of them wanted to quench the existence of the association, but we have subdued them.

 Dr. Eugene Nweke (Former NAGAFF President) 

The crisis can only check-off the association, it won’t destroy it, ANLCA is a big institution, it has gone through tough times in the past and it has got experiences, so the crisis cannot destroy the association. Don’t take it away from the association; every member of ANLCA is very passionate about the association. So when it matters, they will calm down, if you watch people that are supposed to make statements have not done that. If not because of this coming general elections, I believe by now the issue would have been resolved. Most of them are into politics, so after the election I believe every other thing will be resolved.

 Mr. Alloy Igwe (ANLCA, Airport Chapter) 

It cannot destroy the association, who doesn’t have crisis in their homes, how can a crisis destroy an established institution, it is not possible. I want to make it clear now, there is no home without crisis and after the crisis definitely, there will be a resolution and ANLCA will come out stronger.