What is your reaction to delayed Customs recruitment processes?

 Lucky Amiwero (NCMDLCA)

Well, it is their personal thing, they are to put proper things in place; may be it has to do with policy. So it is left for the service to know what to do and it is not my duty to know why because, I am not a customs officer.

Dr. Eugene Nweke (NAGAFF) 

If I may ask, why are you concerned with only customs recruitment? NDLEA has recruitment, likewise Immigration, why are you particular with Customs. All of them started recruitment and suddenly stopped and since then nothing has been heard. They may have their directives from the government or even technical issues and some other reasons why they have not continued with the recruitment. And all those are because they don’t understand that so many Nigerians are looking for jobs. But there must be reasons for that.

Stanley Ezenga (PRO, NAGAFF)

The delay in customs recruitment, you know during the Immigration recruitment, there were lots of casualties and perhaps the customs learnt a lesson from there and did not advertise their vacancy the way immigration did. But that does not mean that people have not been registering through their portal, but customs saw on the internet for a vacancy in customs and they immediately said it was a scam. So based on that, they just keep people in the dark as to whether they are still recruiting, whether they have recruited or not. I have not seen anybody who said he/she has successfully completed the recruitment exercise and have been recruited. What they have been doing all these while is doing and not doing. 


They are lacking manpower and if they have not recruited officers, that means they are not actually lacking any manpower. But I can tell you as an insider we are in need of junior staff  here. I really cannot say while the recruitment exercise is yet to be carried close to a year now.

Dr. Boniface Aniebonam (NAGAFF)

I am not the CG of Customs,  there are a lot of things put into consideration; it is not just to employ people, maybe he has not got the money to pay them. So you need to get things done before you recruit. 

Derrick Jude

I think the agency is even overstaffed, because most of their jobs now are done by the computer, so I see no reason they should keep recruiting, because recruiting again is like just employing people who will not have any wok to do at the end of the day, if you go to the port here in Tin can and PTML, you will see many of the officer having table without any work. So I don’t think there is need for recruitment because they are already over staffed.

Akpamgbo Charles (ARFFN Chairman Tin Can)

I have heard it officially that Customs said they are not recruiting, so based on that I don’t think any applicant should bother himself or herself about the recruitment exercise, if the custom said they are not recruiting for now, then it’s better to keep calm so as not to fall into wrong hands. 

Barrister Alex Afolalu (Maritime Lawyer)

What I can say is that the people who applied have to confirm and be sure with respect to the mode and manner of that political parastatal, it might take a long while to recruit, it is possible, it could also be the case that the organization may have chose to wait a while, before carrying out the recruitment exercise, it is important that we have our facts on table and not pick assumptions in respect to the decision of the Nigeria Custom Service. I would say the NCS is an organization saddled with responsibility with power and authority to determine whether to recruit, how recruit and when to recruit.

Ndifreke Micheal (Applicant)

I can only hope they recruit in time, because some of us have our hopes high and we plead that government should please intervene and ensure that the recruitment should be done.