Do you think that the e call-up system is the final solution to the Apapa traffic?

Muda Yussuf (LCCI DG)

It’s not the final solution; its part of the solution, because the Apapa traffic issue is something that we need to have an holistic approach to, because some of the problems that we notice outside the ports are actually originated from the port, because if we  cannot evacuate cargoes speedily within the port, it will affect the traffic that want to come into the port. if the terminal operators don’t have enough equipment  to quickly evacuate cargoes it will cost congestion and it will spill to the road, the same thing with shipping companies, if their process are not tidy enough, if they don’t have holding bays to hold containers, it will compound the problem. There are all sort of issues within the port that needs to be aligned with the objectives of the e- call up. So all these things have to work together to achieve a sustainable solution to the problem of congestion, not just on the road but within the port.

Segun Ajayi (MAN DG)

There will always be problems and I think that when we get out of one we deal with, the one that comes next, what is important now is to make sure that the e- call up works. I was delighted to see the synergy between the NPA and the Lagos state government, that will contribute significantly to make it a success, we have heard that some people; some institutions are benefitting from the chaos that is happening around the port, I do know that those kind of economic saboteurs don’t go away easily, so we  must ensure that these ones are dealt with, but once you are decisive and focused on implementation, I believe the NPA  should be battle ready for whatever challenges that come.

Mojeed Akanni (Freight Forwarder)

The e- call up is a right step in right direction, we only want the contractors handling  the roads to speed up the jobs, if the road is completed, the lesser traffic we will have. Another issue is the issue of transporters, we have individuals who have over  fourty truck without a parking yard, let them go and have yards  to park their trucks and the e- call up will work, they should stop making use of  our roads as a truck park for themselves  and there will be sanity on our roads.

Ojo Akintoye (Freight Forwarder)

If the roads are totally fixed and the e- call up system is enforced, then I will guarantee you that the Apapa traffic will be a thing of the past, there is no doubt about it that there will be hitches but with time they will overcome.

Captain Tajudeen Alao (President NAMMs)

The e-call up will contribute significantly to the cleanup of the traffic. What is most important is traffic management, this will help to enhance the movement of vehicles and reduce the rate of traffic in Apapa.

 Alhaji Abdullahi Inuwa (Truck Owner)

If the e-call up system is sustained and there is cooperation, it may be a solution to Apapa traffic, but not withstanding this exercise had just kicked-off about a week or there about, so it is too early to start making comment on it.

Stanley Ezenga (NAGAFF PRO)

For now, any solution that can ease the Apapa traffic is highly welcome, but whether it will be the final solution will be difficult as there are other interventions in the past that defiled all odds, but this one is a novel one. They started well  so let us observe maybe it can be sustained as we have series of politics at the park, because as soon as we start, somebody somewhere will hijack it  and start milking practitioners. This new system is yet to be seen as the final solution.