FACE-OFF WITH IOCs: Maritime Workers Shuts Seaports, Says We Can No Longer Take It

 The leadership of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) yesterday rose from a meeting where it was agreed that the union would go ahead with plans to shuts all the nation’s seaports today.

The union is in dispute with the International Oil Companies (IOCs) over alleged non-payment of revenue accruable to stevedoring contractors that had been approved by the Federal Government to work at the facilities belonging to the multinational oil companies. 

Members of the union (dockworkers) are employed by stevedoring contractors to work to work at the oil companies’ facilities.  

Shipping Position Daily recalls that the MWUN had last weekend, after the expiration of two weeks ultimatum and notice of strike had expired, confirmed that it would go on strike by today (July 3, 2019).

President General of the union, Comrade Adewale Adeyanju confirmed yesterday that the strike will start today. He told our correspondent that, “after our meeting today (yesterday), it was agreed that the strike will commence tomorrow morning in all seaports. We have fully mobilized our members, we can’t go back on our notice, we owe this as a duty to our members who have been denied their wages for so long, our patience is exhausted, enough is enough is enough.”

He added that, “several efforts made for the IOCs to see reason including the stakeholders meeting organised by the NPA fell on deaf ears”

“Affected Dockworkers are suffering; some have even passed on prematurely due to economic hardship, whilst some have been made to become destitutes.”

“As a responsible Union, we cannot continue to fold our arms and watch our members die premature death because of the nonchalant attitude of the IOCs Management towards the welfare of our members”

Adeyanju also recalled that the union had given the statutory notice and written letters. According to him, “ahead of the 14 days Ultimatum/Notice, which elapsed on Friday, 28th June 2019 we issued a reminder letter dated 27th June, 2019”

“And if at the close of work on Tuesday 2nd July, 2019, no evidence of payment is seen, our members shall withdraw services in all the Nation’s Seaports until all issues in contention are resolved”, he concluded.

He however confirmed to our correspondent that,  not only has no money been paid to the workers, there has been no meeting.