Indonesian Navy submarine with 53 crew missing in Bali sea

On Apr 21 all contacts were lost with Indonesian Navy KRI NANGGALA (402) Cakra-class submarine with 53 crew, which was conducting torpedoes drill in Bali sea, some 20 nm (according to AIS data) north of northern Bali island coast. Active search was launched, with deployment of Navy and SAR ships and boats. As of 1320 UTC Apr 21, SAR was under way, results unknown.

Search is under way, oil slick was spotted in search area. Submarine disappeared in area with 600-700 meters depths, so if she sank, she is crushed by enormous depth pressure far exceeding her max depth endurance of 240-250 meters, leaving no chance of crew survival. The only hope is, she lost control including dive/surface control, but remains floating at survivable depth.

2 Sick Crew Medevaced From Suezmax Crude Oil Tanker, France

Suezmax tanker FARIWAY requested medical assistance to two sick crew in the evening Apr 20 off Le Havre, France. MRCC Jobourg scrambled helicopter, both crew were airlifted and transported to hospital at Le Havre. FAIRWAY left Port du Havre-Antifer, France, in the morning Apr 19, and anchored at Le Havre outer anchorage same day, she remained anchored as of morning Apr 21. The character of sickness wasn’t revealed, and there was no mentioning of injures.

Two ships fell victim to typhoon rage, 20 crew missing, Philippines

Cargo ship GHANA on Apr 18 landed onto breakwater at Catbalogan, Samar island, Philippines, when typhoon Surigae hits eastern Philippines islands. Ship’s AIS is off for a year or more, she recently changed flag, understood ship was at anchor, probably unmanned.

Landing craft LCT CEBU GREAT OCEAN was beached by typhoon Surigae at Cantapoy in Malimono in Surigao del Norte, on Apr 19. The ship is reportedly, loaded with nickel ore, all 20 crew went missing, assumedly they abandoned the ship in a boat or life raft, SAR is hampered by continuing storm, brought by typhoon.

The bodies of four crewmembers of a cargo ship that ran aground in the waters off Surigao del Norte have been found washed ashore. Seven others have been rescued after drifting at sea while nine remained missing.

Capesize bulker crew health emergency: 1 dead; 1 medevaced

Capesize bulker

Reports emerged on Apr 18, saying that the crew of Capesize bulk carrier HEROIC encountered multiply health problems, including one death and one medevac, according to Bulk carrier arrived at Kaloi Limenes Good Ports Anchorage, southern Crete, in the morning Apr 18, and was anchored. She arrived from Sokhna port, Egypt, via Suez. While under way in Mediterranean, several crew members reported health problems, understood during Apr 16-17, one crew died, another one, 59-year old Chief Engineer, was in need of immediate medical assistance. He was airlifted by helicopter to hospital in Rhodes on Apr 17. Understood medevac is confirmed, but no confirmation or clarity yet of another crew death.

Apr 19 UPDATE: 55-year old Filipino crew and 59-year old Chief Engineer fell ill with flu-like symptoms (including difficult breathing), so Master required medical assistance. Filipino crew died in his cabin, Chief Engineer was airlifted to hospital. Immediately after arrival at Kaloi Limenes, the ship was boarded by medics, samples were taken, 9 out of 19 crew were tested positive. Both Filipino crew who died, and Chief Engineer, also tested positive.

What’s all about? Never before things like these recent tragic accidents, happened on board of the ships. Already 4 seamen died, plus mass illness among crews – all of it happened shortly after the start of mass vaccinations, including crews mass vaccinations. Shipowners and seamen alike, must think real hard and decide for themselves and for people under their command.