UK’s Trade With Nigeria Easier Than With Many Other Countries – Official

The UK Minister for Africa, James Duddridge says the British government finds trading with Nigeria easier than with many other countries around the World.

James Duddridge UK Minister for Africa

According to the minister, who is on a working visit to Nigeria, the commonality in language as well as the relationship between both countries, make it easier for better trade relations.

Dudderidge pointed out that the relationship between both countries is so close that many Nigerians knew more about happenings in London or in the English Premiership than some Britons.

“The fact that we share a common language and in many ways a common heritage, also there is a significant number of Nigerians in diaspora across the UK, that brings proximity to the relationship.

“It is much easier, to be frank, to trade with Nigeria than many other countries around the World, given our shared history, and the number of people that live both in the UK and in Nigeria.

“The number of people that are educated in the UK, that have close bonds, know more about what is going on in London and what is going on in the Premiership perhaps than I do.

“It is a very close relationship, one of trust and there are lots of opportunities, as well in relation to trade.

“That is one of the reasons Ellen Grant is here to make sure any opportunities that Nigeria wants to pursue or where we can help we are able to do so,” he said.

He described Nigeria as a very important partner to the United Kingdom, saying that he was glad to be visiting Nigeria.

Speaking on his visit, he said: “It is good to be visiting Nigeria, but the purpose of this visit is very broad, looking at trade and diplomacy, humanitarian efforts as well as relations between Nigeria and other countries sharing borders with Nigeria in West Africa,” he said.