What do you think Government can do to stem the tide of corruption in Nigerian ports?


Chief Osita Chukwu (Freight Forwarder)

If the head is corrupt, what do you expect from the others, there is no doubt about the fact that the port system is corrupt, the only solution to curb the issue of corruption is, for the head I mean government themselves to deal with themselves first. Other bodies can then comply and everything will fall into position; it is obvious that the President is supporting the bad eggs, so how can corruption be curbed?

Frank Ogunojemite (President APFFLON)

I am not aware that there is corruption. I am only aware that there is extortion in the port, extortion is paramount in the port.

Capt Tajudeen Alao (President NAMM)

The port is a gateway to any nation. Port operation cuts across borders. Therefore, it is of great concern to us and government to ensure ease of doing business in our port operation

Shippers Council and NPA have put port operation procedures in clearance of ships calling in our port.

They even have a standing monitoring team that monitors boarding officers. They have a portal that masters and shipping operators can report to.

Our association, consisting of widely travelled members is ready to collaborate and cooperate with stakeholders to put in place best practices and fight corruption. The monitoring team is already making arrest and prosecuting. Transparency is important every transaction should be done online, let’s reduce human contact and Corruption will reduce.

Olumide Fakanlu (Freight Forwarder)

Corruption is a major problem in Nigeria. Whenever, Nigerian wishes to reduce the problems of corruption, it will have to start from somewhere. Maybe from the ports or somewhere else and eventually reaches the ports. The government officials must be transparent individually at all levels. Profile the financial status of each government official in the ports and the ports communities.

Kayode Farinto (Vice President ANLCA)

The Nigeria port system is sick, it is beyond corruption, we are practicing as if we are in medieval period, the way we practice in Nigeria is not in line with international best practice. So what we have in Nigeria goes beyond corruption, there is systemic failure and if the government has failed in putting mechanism that will check corruption in place, people will naturally continue with the habit, so I will say Nigeria port system has gone beyond corruption, it is now sick.

Bola Muse (WIMA President)

There is no country without corruption, it depends on the angle it is coming from, the issue is that ours is just obvious, what I am after is the reduction of government agencies in the port, when these agencies reduce, I believe the level of corruption will be reduced in the port.