What Is Your Assessment Of The Three Years Of The Former Minister Of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi?

Deola Suleiman (ANLCA)

I don’t know what Amaechi has done for us, I have not seen his work. Let me tell you something, Amaechi being a strange person in the industry, concentrated only on rail, is rail system the only means of transportation that we have in Nigeria. There are a lot outside rail to be done.  

Haruna Omolajomo

Honestly speaking, one cannot roll out the fact that Rotimi Amaechi has not performed poorly. even if one cannot give him 100%, one can still not deny the fact that he has practically made a positive impact in the sector, he has contributed meaningfully in the sector; so kudos has to be given to him. What I have noticed is that there is supposed to be more improvement on what he has done so everything lies in the government. There is no actual freehand to do things in the government. And for him to have been able to raise his head high, he has scored pass mark from me.  

Alhaji Abdullahi Inuwa(Trucker)

I would say that he is good at railway and that is the only thing I have to say about him for now. 

Osuala Nwagbara (Maritime Lawyer)

The Minister made some showing but not so much in the maritime sector, he made a lot of showing in the area of rail transport, of course Aviation was well positioned as at the time he came into office, so in my assessment he did not touch the maritime sector very well and this much is glaring.

Barrister Alex Afolalu

I believe he did his best, but I think his best is not enough, rather than focusing and channeling time and resources on rail alone, he should also look at the maritime sector, as well, for me he was more of a rail minister than a transport minister, however if he is  re-appointed, we want him to focus his time and resources as well in the maritime sector. 

Bolaji Sunmola (President Stevedoring companies)

I think he has done is best, some said he put too much attention on the railway and that is the general assessment of people, I don't want to score him, but the gridlock that we still have pounding Apapa is not a good thing for Nigeria and the industry, that should be looked into very well.

Rev Jonathan Nicol (SALS)

As a Minister, what we thought he should have done first was to resolve the entire dispute affecting the agencies under him, but he didn’t do that, but every other thing I believe he tried.