Why Automobile Buyers Patronise Tin-Can Auto Market--- Dealer

Some imported fairly used vehicles being taken to bonded terminal last week

Investigations have revealed that despite the bad state of the Coconut –Tin-Can road in Apapa, automobile buyers seem to prefer the Tin-Can mini automobile market to  at the popular Berger automobile market. 

When Shipping Position Daily visited the area, it was gathered that vehicles at the Tin-Can mini automobile market seems to be more ‘genuine’ than the ones in other places.

One of the dealers who simply identified as Mr. Kale said that the major reason buyers come to Tin Can market, irrespective of the bad state of the road is because they are sure that what they are buying is not a smuggled vehicle.

He also said that to ensure that the vehicles are genuine; they take the papers to customs to ensure that the duties are paid in full, unlike some road side dealers.  

“One of the major reasons people patronize us here very well is that when you decide to buy, we will first take the vehicle to customs here and they will confirm to you that the duties were paid complete, we don’t pay half duty here unlike some road-side dealers. Some of them at the road side are also involved in smuggling that is why some of them seem to sell cheaper than what you will get here. This is the reason some people despite the bad state of the road, will still find their way here to make their purchases”, he said.

Kale also said that most times the buyer might be lucky to buy directly from the importer at a much reduced price.

“Some buyers might be lucky, they will come when the importer is around and they will buy the vehicle at a cheaper price. Some of them will buy it directly from the container and do the repairs themselves if there is any and vehicles like that are usually very cheap. The importer might decide to sell it to use the money to clear other goods and it will be very cheap. All you might need to do is to do small repairs and the vehicle is yours”, he added.

He also said that most buyers prefer to buy from the container direct adding that it is not only cheap but you can ascertain the level of damage on the vehicle.  

“One of the advantages of buying directly from the container is that you will be sure of what you are buying, you will be able to know the level of damage done to the vehicle and all that. That is also another reason buyers prefer this place”, he concluded.