Vehicle Spare Parts Dealer Says He Makes Over N10, 000 On Imported Damaged Vehicles

An automobile spare parts dealer, Mr. Chikezie Onyeze, has said that he makes about N15,000 daily from damaged vehicles imported into the country.

In a chat with Shipping Position Daily last week at the Berger automobile market, the dealer who was formerly based at Ladipo market where he deals in spare parts before he decided to relocate to Berger said that he makes the money from supply of spare parts of vehicles of different brands, models and years.

He maintained that even though he has his own cars that are parked and ready for sale at Africa’s biggest automobile market, he makes more money supplying spare parts than from sale of cars.

“I don’t sit here and wait till I sell any of my cars before I make my money, I make at least N10,000 daily from the supply of spare parts. Because I have done the business of buying and selling of spare parts at Ladipo market before coming down here at Berger, it has been easier for me to do the business”, he told our correspondent.

Speaking further, he explained that, “as soon as any dealer imports a damaged vehicle, they call me to bring parts telling me the type of the vehicle and the year, I have been doing this for over two years now. I have my friends and customers at Ladipo who will sell the parts to me at a cheaper price than when the dealer goes there himself. So because of that the dealers prefer I do that for them and I will add my own gain, the dealer will also pay for my transport”.