Expert charges Nigeria to start from somewhere in quest for Made-in -Nigeria vehicles

A maritime expert; Mr. John Patrick Egesi, has charged Nigeria to start from somewhere if it must achieve her dream of having wholly made-in-Nigeria vehicles, even as he said that automobile production in Nigeria will give the country a marginal contribution into the economy. Mr. Egesi said this recently in a chat with Shipping Position Daily in Lagos.

He however applauded the Federal Government for the automobile policy, saying that it has given the country opportunity to go into automobile manufacturing, which according to him, Innoson vehicles has started. 

“We have to start somewhere I don’t belong to the school of reinventing the will anything that gives us marginal contribution into the country is an assets to us. So if we could produce vehicles when I say produce, come to think of it, no nation produces complete vehicle. When the base of production increases the contribution of that country also increases. The base of our contribution is low at the moment, remember when we were producing Peugeot cars, some parts of the vehicles were well fabricated in Nigeria. We must start somewhere if we don’t start we will never start”

He also canvassed for unity as that according to him is the only way to achieve success in a nation.

“We can take one step from the nations that produce engines, it must start one day. There should be common purpose to achieve success, if there is no common purpose it will be difficult to achieve success. If people start thinking my brother should be there, in such a scenario we don’t stand a chance. So the problem of the country affects all the members of the country. The point I am trying to make is that you have to have a country, nation before you can achieve success. We should match towards the same goal in all aspects of the economy just like the way we do in football. The development in any part of the country should give all Nigerians the same joy. The most important thing for a country is one spirit, we talk about Singapore they have one spirit. So may Nigerian are very important they just need to be united. Without a common spirit of a nation forget it. They call it politics but I call it development. We are all genetically gifted until the country understands that the success of one is the success of all” he concluded.