Six “Unhealthy” Drinks For Your Body!

Some people just can’t do without drinking one type of drink or the other. However, if you want to live a healthy life and lose weight it’s paramount that you learn to avoid some of these drinks. In this article, I’m discussing 6 types of the drinks that should not be taken because they’re simply unhealthy for regular consumption. Soft Drinks You know them already. The drinks we call “minerals”. The truth is this drink is one of the worst type of drinks to take into your system. It’s so overloaded with sugar and make you crave for more food after drinking it. There’s nothing healthy about this drink, worse yet, it provides you with empty calories and make your body more toxic, acidic and conducive for bacteria growth. In fact, taking soft drinks has been known as one of the worst foods that causes obesity and diseases. Juice All the drinks that are labeled “juice drink” fall into this category. And that includes all packaged drinks called Orange juice, pineapple juice, strawberry juice, apple juice etc. I’m not mentioning brand names for obvious reasons, but you get the point. All of these drinks are not naturally made and have undergone industrial processes that has pumped tons of synthetic sugar and colourings into this to help it mimic the real taste of the original juices. If you want to drink any type of juice, ensure you get it from freshly pressed fruits like oranges, pineapple, watermelon etc. You can use a juicer to get the juice out and drink it. Any drink outside this process should be avoided by all means. Sports Drinks There are some waters taken by athletes which are labeled as natural. They are called sports drinks. These drinks have a mixture of natural and artificial sweeteners, plus a list of other industrial additives which makes it very unhealthy. If you are athletic and looking to buy a sport drink to replenish your energy, there is no better liquid to go for than a bottle of cold fresh water. Alcoholic Beverages Alcohol generally is known to have a very bad effect on the body when taken too much. There is nothing wrong if once in a week, you try alcoholic drink and in moderation. Little and infrequent drinking of alcohol has been shown to boost blood flow, raise HDL cholesterol, and improve sugar metabolism. On the other hand heavy consumption of alcohol has been attributed to a higher risk of cancer for those who drink 3 or more times of liquor in a day, than those who drank in moderation or not at all. Energy Drinks When you hear the word “energy drinks”, the thought is that these drinks actually supply you with extra energy to go on with other activities of the day. The truth is, the word “Energy drink” is actually a marketing terminology because in reality the drinks referred to as Energy drinks are loaded with Caffeine. Caffeine is known to supply short burst of alertness which people wrongly misunderstood as improved energy. Of course, if you’re tired and you drink this energy drink, and notice that your alertness has improved, you’ll confuse this with added energy. One thing is, this alertness is short lived and usually, when the effect is gone, the person simply crashes. The bad side to energy drinks, is apart from the fact that too much caffeine is not healthy for the body, these drinks are loaded with added sugar which favours the fat cells in the body and thus leads to obesity. If you need alertness of your brain, you’re better off drinking a cup of green tea or chewing a handful of cashew nuts. Diet Soda All types of soda fall under this category. If you’re the type that drinks diet coke. Know this. Diet coke and other diet soda products contain empty calories and they are 100% nutrition free. More importantly, when you take lots of diet sodas, there’s a chance you’re not taking the healthy calories that your body needs. Calories are not equally created. 400 calories present in fresh vegetables can not be equated with 400 calories from sugar coated foods. One type is required by your body for healthy metabolism, the other type does damage and is stored in your fat cells. Conclusively, if you’re in the habit of regularly consuming any of the above mentioned drinks and you desire a healthy body, this article is a wake up call to restrict or completely eliminate these drinks from your choice drinks.