Logistics Coy, NAGAFF, ANLCA, Form Consortium To Address Traffic Gridlock In Apapa     

·Says project will take 5000 trailers off Apapa 

Determined to find a lasting solution to the persistent traffic gridlock on the Apapa ports access roads, container traffic and logistics solutions outfits, Aqua Transit Services Ltd, in partnership with other critical stakeholders in the supply chain is reportedly collaborating to fund solutions to lead a private sector portfolio.

The initiative has the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) and the Association of Maritime Road Transport Owners (AMARTO) in its fold.

Speaking after the meeting, a former national president of NAGAFF, Dr. Eugene Nweke, told Shipping Position Daily exclusively that the project, when fully completed will be able to take between, 3000 to 5000 trailers off Apapa roads daily.

“The whole idea is to find immediate and lasting solutions to the seeming endless Apapa gridlock, via Private Solutions Initiatives (PSI). It will be pre-emptive to make press statement, as all the parties involved have not formally concluded on the solutions proffered, few of the leaders are attending to other engagements outside the country, even though the government seems to favour the Logistics solutions as present”

“Two meetings have been observed and third meeting is slated shortly and at the end of the slated meeting, and upon having a parley with the Minister of Transportation, there will be a joint press briefing. Therefore, I will request you exercise little patience, so as to listen, watch presentation and ask related questions during and after the press briefing”

Nweke maintained that the idea will put an end to days of impunity and extortion of both truck owners and drivers in Apapa.

Explaining further, he said that Aqua Transit Services has so far been able to acquire 200 hectares of land which will presently serve as logistics storage center for empty containers traffic control under its Lagos-East corridor solutions.

“The good and cheering news is that, Aqua Transit Services Ltd with its International technical partners has procured from Lagos State, 200 hectares of land, with 100 hectares  are presently mapped out to serve as logistics storage center for empty containers traffic control - under its Lagos East Corridor Solutions”

According to him, the group also acquired another plot of land at Ijora which is also designed with a parking space and other modern facilities.

“In this vein, 10 hectares of land have equally been listed at Ijora water front to be developed into an empty containers traffic solutions under its Internal Lagos Corridor empty containers logistics Solutions”

“Both proposed project, have a modern design empty containers storages facility solutions and trucks call up system, at least it can conveniently take 3000 to 5000 trailers off the road on daily basis, in its well structured parking, marshalling yards”

“Expectedly, once, it comes on board, the Apapa gridlock will be a thing of the past, open up a window for the port authority administration to undertake a resounding port traffic planning and forecast. Again, this project is private sector-driven, hence, the coming together of relevant groups” he concluded.

Meanwhile the national president of ANLCA, Mr. Tony Nwabunike confirmed the information even as he refused to give details of the deal.

“We are working on that, it is a project; the land is already there but we are still keeping it quiet for now, we are almost on the completion level. We have not got to the level of how much each group is supposed to bring, that is the next level we are approaching”, he confirmed.

Also, the president of AMARTO, Chief Remi Ogungbemi said he would not want to g public on the deal., “I don’t want a situation whereby I will divulge some information that are not yet for public consumption, let us keep our fingers crossed for now. I want to confirm to you that there are plans like that and I am fully involved. But let us leave it at that level for now” he concluded.