How do you think the present crisis in ANLCA can be resolved?

Mr. Achike Molokwu (ANLCA) 

It will not be resolved based on compromise or whatever ,it will be resolved critically under two principles, policies and Godly manners towards the issues that is to say let peace reign. It is not a court issue, let us come together play some politics, take this and I take that. And most importantly lets involve God in it and we now ask those that are involved in it to let go because God is in control.  It cannot be resolved with court issue, if we involve court it will take us another two years.

Mr. Peter Ojo (ANLCA) 

It can be resolved by the committee that has been set up to look into the crisis. The committee has been working and they have been submitting their reports on the way forward. So when they submit their reports, we will know how to go about it.

Mr. Pius Ujubonu (ANLCA)

Well there is no association that has ever done well under a crisis situation. And the only way to resolve them is to have recourse to the constitution guiding the association and then find where the things are going wrong with the view to correcting them. Rushing to court sometimes, the court may just give judgment based on the evidences before them,  but it does not solve the problem. What should be the best way to approach it is for everybody looking at the problems critically with a view to concession, with different groups conceding, so that they will have a meeting point and have a resolution; that is the way I am looking at it. 
Babatunde Mukaila (National Secretary ANLCA)

Everybody must align with the constitution to broker peace, as an association we will have differences and what the constitution recommends is what you see us doing, that is, the peace committee doing mediation. Under chapter 26, we do know that somebody will be aggrieved and the process of brokering peace is ongoing and I believe they will get us result.
Peter Obi (BoT member ANLCA)

My take and solution is that, there are certain people in the association that should be given a ban from partaking in any leadership role in the association or board membership. They are five, and if this five people are banned, there will now be a reborn and that is when the association can now enjoy peace. But, I tell you the association will never know any peace if these people are not banned and that’s the gospel truth.
Ernest Elochukwu (Member BoT ANLCA)

The solution will be,  first to identify the problems, because you cannot proffer solution to the problem you don’t know, tenure of the BoT is not the problem, until we all understand the problem, there cannot be a solution.
Joe Sanni (National Publicity Secretary)

Our constitution has decided to say there is difference between the board and NECOM. NECOM is the executive committee that runs the association 24/7, while the board only comes in only when there is an election to be conducted and all of that, because they supervise the election, so to that extent we need a united board, but when you have a board of eight members and five are saying we don’t want this person who is claiming to be chairman anymore, so you don’t need any primary one to tell you that five is greater than three,