Kenya: Public Health Rules Include Penalties For Not Wearing A Mask

Kenya’s Public Health (Covid-19 Restriction of Movement of Persons And Related Measures) Rules state that “every person who is in a public place during the restriction period shall … use a proper face mask that must cover the person’s mouth and nose”.

A gazette notice published by the Ministry of Health on 6 April imposes a fine of up to KSh20,000 or imprisonment of up to six months, or both, if the rule is violated. The police have been enforcing the rule across the country. 

Mugambi Laibuta, a lawyer specialising in constitutional law, told Africa Check’s Kenyan deputy editor Vincent Ng’ethe that the regulations applied to the whole country. 

“The only things that apply in certain areas are the restrictions on movement,” he added.

Allan Maleche, a lawyer who provides legal aid in public health matters, agreed. He told us that the rules require masks to be worn “whether it is a lockdown centre or a place that does not have any Covid-19.”

*Africa Check’s Kenyan deputy editor Vincent Ng’ethe is in Nairobi