NPA Workers Kick Against 24 Hours Ports Operations

 Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) Senior Staff Association has kicked against the recent executive order issued by the Acting President; Yemi Osinbajo that the nation seaports should run 24hours.
President of the association, Comrade Benson Adegbeyeni who spoke during a protest in Lagos on Tuesday said that the port cannot operate 24 hours for now because of lack of infrastructures like good roads and poor lighting.
He lamented that since the fuzz about 24 hours port operations began last month, NPA workers have been sleeping in their vehicles daily just to please the government.
He also lamented that there is no security at the port and that there is no good roads leading into and outside the port as against what is obtainable in other countries of the world where the ports operate round-the clock.
"If you compare 10 years ago the port entrance was very free, the port entrance all over the world which is gateway to the country’s economy is supposed to be smooth as the expressway"
"And if you are talking about 24 hour operations, where is the light? Can you work inside darkness; my people are complaining that they always slept inside their car. Where is the security and the road to the port?"
"There is no infrastructure at the port, the concessionaire are making money at the detriment and disadvantage of Nigerians. If it continues like this, you would not know Apapa port again", he stated. 
"We have been fortunate to travel all over the world to other ports and government officials  I am sure have also travelled to other ports, the port of Antwerp and England are being run by private hands and the government, so there is competition", he added.