MAERSK Mega Container Ship Broke Down In Vung Tau Fairway, Vietnam

Container ship MAERSK ESSEX suffered engine failure while proceeding in fairway with pilot on board, on her way to Vung Tau Container Port (Cai Mep, CMIT Terminal, Ba Ria), at 0325 LT (UTC +7) Feb 8, near buoy 0. Disabled ship drifted in southern direction and according to track, had to anchor. The problem was fixed and the ship resumed sailing at around 0600 LT (UTC +7), she safely reached terminal and was berthed at around 0900 UTC Feb 8. Vung Tau traffic control center responded to accident by direct regulating traffic in fairway, in order to avoid accidents. MAERSK ESSEX arrived at Vung Tau from Salalah Oman.

Container Ship Fire, Hamburg

Fire erupted in engine room of container ship VERA RAMBOW in the morning Feb 8, shortly after the ship left Hamburg container terminal. Master iformed authorities, crew tried to extinguish fire by own means, while fire boat and tugs immediately responded. VERA RAMBOW was towed to Kohlbrand and berthed. Fire was extinguished, understood by own means without actual interference of fire teams, it was caused reportedly, by leaked oil. The ship is bound for Klaipeda Lithuania. As of 1700 UTC Feb 8, the ship remained berthed at Kohlbrand.

Another Greek Tanker Attacked, Boarded In Gulf Of Guinea UPDATE Crew Safe

Feb 9: Greek product tanker MARIA E was attacked and boarded at 1220 UTC Feb 9 northwest of Sao Tome and Principe, while en route from Lome, Togo. Ship’s AIS according to available AIS providers, was off since tanker left Lome, in the morning Feb 8. No other information available at the moment, awaiting updates.

Pirates again, in some 3 days, attacked comparatively small tanker operated by Greeks, and deployed in Gulf of Guinea. MARIA E is trading in this region since at least Feb 2020, most visited ports being Bata Equatorial Guinea, Pointe Noire, Malabo. Pirates may prefer such tankers for a number of reasons.

Russian Sailor Died On Board Of Russian Freighter In Antwerp

Russian sailor died in a tragic work accident on board of Russian general cargo ship ATLANTIC PROJECT II, berthed at Antwerp, on Feb 9. In the process of removing cargo hold cover by a crane, sailor was hit by cover, fell into hold and died on the spot. Reportedly, crane operator didn’t see sailor standing on the way of moving cover steel plate. The ship left Antwerp at around midnight Feb 9, bound for S-Petersburg, Russia.

Japanese bulk carrier seized by migrants in UK, UPDATE perpetrators arrested

Japanese bulk carrier on Feb 9 was seized by seven migrants (or stowaways) while being off Portland, UK, English Channel, according to Trade Winds report. Bulk carrier left Rouen France on Feb 8, understood her destination being Portland, though it’s not confirmed. Migrants were discovered by crew on Feb 9 when the ship was approaching Portland, understood Master decided to turn back and sail to Le Havre, to disembark stowaways. They’re, kind of rioted, tried to break into bridge or broke into bridge, injuring one or more crew. The story is in places, confusing and contradictory.

“Seven stowaways are believed to have attempted to take control of a bulker anchored off the English south coast, after French ports refused to let them disembark”, says Trade Winds. Does it mean that they’ve been refused landing in Rouen, and if so, how come that the ship’s crew found them only in UK waters?

UPDATE: Dorset Police said: "A total of seven individuals – believed to be Albanian nationals – were arrested by police and escorted from the ship. They will be considered by the Border Force and UK Visas and Immigration for potential offences."