A-Z Of Maritime Terms

QUARTERS – Accommodation on a ship, i.e. crew quarters.

REEFER – Refrigerator ship; a vessel designed to carry goods requiring refrigeration, such as meat and fruit. A reefer ship has insulated holds into which cold air is passed at the temperature appropriate to the goods being carried.

REEFER BOX – An insulated shipping container designed to carry cargoes requiring temperature control. It is fitted with a refrigeration unit, which is connected to the ship's electrical power supply.

RETURN CARGO – A cargo which enables a ship to return loaded to the port or area where her previous cargo was loaded.

REVERSIBLE -TIME – Option for charterers to add together time allowed for loading & discharging relative to terms of a particular charter party

ROLLING CARGO – Cargo which is on wheels, such as truck or trailers, and which can be driven or towed on to a ship.

RO/RO SHIP – Freight ship or ferry with facilities for vehicles to drive on and off (roll-on roll-off); a system of loading and discharging a ship whereby the cargo is driven on and off on ramps. Equipped with large openings at bow and stern and sometimes also on the side, providing easy access. Fully loaded trucks or trailers carrying containers are accommodated on the deck.