Are you in support of the recent strike by the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria?

Engineer Matthew Alalade (Merchant Navy)

Yes, I like the way the whole thing is going we are in support of it; they don’t want to give the workers their right in terms of welfare. I am sure that strike does not come like that, they must have given them warnings and all that, but they failed to listen. The IOCs should do the needful. We are fully in support of it, if the industry is losing the federal government is there; they should do something and ensure that the strike is called off because there is no strike actions without the minister of labour knowing.  The companies must have refused to give the workers their welfare. 

Muda Yusuf (LCCI)

The strike is not justifiable, it is something that we should avoid and if they had been proper engagement from the beginning I am sure we will not get to this point. And those concerned should also learn the lesson that anytime there is any grievance from the labour, the earlier we engage them the better. We don’t want until we get to a point where they will now cause more damage to the system.

John Okpono (Merchant Navy)

One thing about life is for a company to respect an organization like the MWUN, we support the union because the IOCs and some government agencies do not respect the voice of the union. Severally, the union before this strike had written and complained, they have also met with authorities that are supposed to nip this issue in the bud, but they refused.

Stanley Ezenga (NAGAFF)  

You know we the freight forwarders are always at the receiving end of every government policy either good or bad. This MWUN strike has to do with the IOCs, the people that employed them, it doesn’t concern us, but we receive the multiplier effect, of course I won’t say that I am satisfied because they are fighting for their right because they have the right to fight for their rights. 

Sunday Adefeyitin (Dock Worker)

I am a stevedoring labour, and with the way the strike is going, I salute the leadership of the MWUN for putting our interest at heart, I will say kudos to them, because pertaining the issue of payment some of us can no longer pay our house rent, take care of our family not to talk of extended families, so we are happy that the President General have said there is no backing out until the IOCs meet our demand. So I am happy with the way the strike is going.
Abudu Eroje ( Deputy Secretary General, MWUN)

We cannot be satisfied with the fact that our members are not paid by the IOCs, like I said I wondered why the IOCs refused  to cooperate with the newly appointed stevedoring contractors when the modus operandi remain the same.
We are not happy that this strike has paralyzed economic activities, but we can no longer continue to die prematurely because of the attitude of the IOCs.

Bolaji Sunmola (National President of National Association of Stevedoring Companies)

Well the strike is just a few days and it is necessary because they need to cry out and demand for their right, we cannot suppress their welfare and I think it is the right move in the right direction that they have done.