Sailor killed by fallen hatch cover, Denmark

59-year old Ukrainian deckhand of general cargo ship died on the spot after being hit by fallen hatch cover on March 16 at Vejle Havn, Denmark, eastern Jutland. For reason yet unknown, lifted hatch cover disconnected from crane, and fell onto deck where two deckhands were laying out supports for this cover. One sailor managed to evade falling hatch, another one, unfortunately, was hit. Ship’s name wasn’t and isn’t revealed, but additional information point at general cargo ship SOLYMAR. As of afternoon Mar 17, she was still berthed at Vejle.

Pilot died in Novorossiysk Port while disembarking from bulk carrier


A 61-year old pilot fell in water while disembarking from bulk carrier MARIA GS into pilot boat at around 2140 Moscow time on March 14, in Novorossiysk Port, Russia, Black sea. He was quickly recovered from water, but attempts to resuscitate him failed, he died. MARIA GS left Novorossiysk after the accident, bound for Libya.

Filipino Captain of Greek Panamax bulk carrier died on board during voyage

62-year old Filipino Captain of bulk carrier IVESTOS X died on board on March 13, while the ship was en route from Lubuk Indonesia, Kalimantan, to Masinloc, northwest Luzon, Philippines, reported SunStar Zamboanga News At the time when Captain lost consciousness, the ship was passing Sibutu Passage, Tawi-Tawi, Philippines. Navy responded to medical emergency request, paramedics boarded the ship, but he didn’t respond to their aid and was declared dead. His body was taken ashore, bulk carrier continued voyage, but instead of Masinloc, arrived at Manila anchorage in the morning Mar 16, understood for formalities and for a new Captain to take command of the ship. Cause of death wasn’t revealed, probably he died from heart attack or cerebral crisis. Troubled ship was identified as IVESTOS X, but there are ten sister ships of the same type, all bearing the name IVESTOS and numbers. According to track, it is bulk carrier IVESTOS X.

Two port workers died while offloading zinc concentrate from bulk carrier, Korea

Two port workers died in the evening Mar 18 at Donghae port, Korea, while offloading zinc concentrate from bulk carrier ENY. Both died reportedly, from poisoning, after inhaling gas, emitted by concentrate. One worker went into cargo hold to fix cargo gear and lost conscience, another one went after him to pull him out, and also lost conscience.