Albanian Freighter Collided With Italian Fishing Boat, Boat Sank, Crew Rescued

Albanian general cargo ship BERGFJORD in the morning Mar 25 collided with fishing boat southeast of Ravenna, Italy, Adriatic sea, while en route from Shengjin, Albania, to Ravenna. Boat sank, 4 fishermen were rescued, probably by BERGFJORD. The ship continued her voyage and arrived at Ravenna same day.

6 Tons Cocaine Bust, No Charges Against Indian Ship Crew

General cargo ship NAJLAN

General cargo ship NAJLAN was intercepted, boarded and searched by French Navy amphibious ship DIKSMUIDE, on Mar 21, in Gulf of Guinea. 6 tons of cocaine were found. The ship was monitored since she left the port of departure, Rio de Janeiro on Mar 5, bound for Abijan, Ivory Coast. It was a joint operation, carried out by French Navy and French anti-drug agency, by Interpol, Dutch police and Brazilian respective authorities.
The main point is, no crew were arrested, no charges brought, the ship resumed her voyage and is to arrive at Abijan on Mar 23. It means, that the crew aren’t involved. Official statement didn’t specify, where exactly cocaine was hidden.

Bulk carrier collided with Russian Navy tanker off Suez

Russian Navy bunker tanker KOLA collided with bulk carrier ARK ROYAL in northern part of Gulf of Suez at around 0500 UTC Mar 23, according to Russian Navy Command statement. At the time of collision, both ships were approaching Suez. Both ships sustained slight damages, according to Russian Navy Command, and resumed sailing. Both ships later that day anchored at Suez Anchorage. KOLA is en route from Sudan to Mediterranean, ARK ROYAL arrived at Suez from Singapore.

General cargo ship fire, Port Hedland

Fire erupted on board of general cargo ship BBC RHONETAL in the morning Mar 25 at Port Hedland, Australia. The ship arrived at Port Hedland from China in March, was berthed on Mar 24. Fire reportedly, is either extinguished or taken under control, as of 0400 UTC Mar 25, by firefighters. No details are given, except that there was a lot of smoke.