Crew Change Tragic Accident, Chief Engineer Died

A tragic accident took place off Liberian coast, West Africa, early in the morning Oct 3. Two Turkish cargo ships, bulk carrier SERVET ANA and general cargo ship BAKU, both operated by the same company, met outside Liberian territorial waters and anchored, to perform crew transfer operation by a rescue boat. Two crew from SERVET ANA were to be transferred to BAKU, understood as offsigners, to be taken to Turkey. Unfortunately, boat with 2 offsigners and 2 boat personnel, capsized, all 4 people found themselves floating in water. SERVET ANA had to deploy a lifeboat (free-fall type) to rescue seamen. All 4 were picked up, but one of them, reportedly Chief Engineer, died, despite all first-aid efforts.

As of Oct 7, SERVET ANA was berthed at Abidjan, Ivory, Coast, BAKU was under way, en route from Nigeria to France. Such crew transfers come as no surprise, considering governments worldwide criminal practices and hostile attitude towards crews and crew change. Of course, all new approaches and solutions, practiced by shipowners and managers, in order to change their crews, mean new, much more complicated, and sometimes risky, procedures.

Cargo Ship Sank, Dredger Grounded By Storm, Vietnam

At least two ships were distressed in waters of Quang Tri Province, central northern Vietnam, South China sea, on Oct 8 in heavy storm. Cargo ship THANH THANH DAT 55 reported flooded engine room in the afternoon Oct 8, she sank off Cua Viet beach, understood all 11 crew rescued. Dredger VIETSHIP 01 was pushed aground in the same area, 1 crew reached the shore, 11 crew were still on board as of morning Oct 9.

ITF Attacked, Disabled Filipino Bulk Carrier In Estonia

Filipino bulk carrier NORD SANTIAGO was detained by Estonian Maritime Authorities on request of Estonian Seamen trade union inspector and ITF representative, one Jaanus Kuiv, who found, that employment contracts of all 18 crew were expired. The ship berthed at Muuga (Tallinn) on Oct 4, on arrival from Senegal via Norway. Owner is requested to carry out crew change. Foreign crew change in Estonia is allegedly possible, but who knows though, if it’s possible in real life, for all-Filipino crews, both off and on signers. As of Oct 8, bulk carrier remained in the same position.
So, ITF is continuing and intensifying its’ worldwide detentions campaign, aimed at small-middle sized shipowners.