2nd Officer Dies After Getting Crushed Between Vessel’s Gantry Crane, Hatch Covers

A general cargo vessel finished loading a cargo of cement in the early morning hours and the deck crew were cleaning cement dust from the top of the cargo hatch coamings. This task had to be completed and the hatch covers replaced prior to sailing. At about 0900, the Master was informed that the berth was required for another vessel and the vessel’s sailing time had been brought forward by about 2.5 hours.

When the Master told the C/O of the revised plan, the C/O advised that he would need all available hands to complete the cleaning operation and requested that the 2/O, who was resting, be called back on deck.

The 2/O arrived on deck at about 0930 and commenced sweeping cement dust from the hatch cover landing surface on the starboard side of the aft cargo hold coaming. One of the vessel’s two ABs was sweeping cement dust from the top of one of the aft hold hatch covers.

The other AB and the deck cadet were working on the port side walkway, sweeping dust from the top of the forward hold coaming. The C/O was on the gantry crane, moving various hatch covers as required for the work.

At one point, the C/O stopped the crane just short of a stack of hatch covers at the forward end of the aft hold and started to raise the crane’s lifting bar. The 2/O arrived at the forward end of the hatch cover stack. The 2/O climbed onto the cargo hatch coaming and stepped towards the gap between the crane and the stacked hatch covers.

1 Crew Died 3 Critical After Inhaling Gas On Board Of Turkish LPG Tanker, Malacca Strait


LPG tanker HAMBURG DW requested immediate medical assistance and reported that 1 Turkish crew has died, 3 in critical condition, after inhaling ammonia gas, in the evening Apr 6 in Malacca Strait, off Port Klang, Malaysia. Tanker is en route from Al Duqm Oman to Zhanjiang China. Tanker turned to Port Klang and anchored at Port Klang anchorage at around 1600 UTC Apr 6. Malaysian Maritime Agency MMEA responded, sending emergency teams with hazmat unit. 3 injured crew, including 2 Turks and 1 Indian, were taken to hospital at Klang, all 3 remain in critical condition. As of 0300 UTC Apr 7, tanker remained at anchor.

Two Aframax Tankers Ran Aground In Suez Canal

Two Aframax tankers in ballast ran aground while transiting Suez Canal near 132 kilometer mark, about to enter Great Bitter Lake in northbound convoy, reported GAC.com. GAC didn’t identify tankers, but according to tracks, these two grounded ships are identified as RUMFORD (IMO 9473066, dwt 107505, flag Italy), and MINERVA NIKE (IMO 9255696, dwt 105320, flag Greece). RUMFORD ran aground first, at 1010 LT (UTC +2), MINERVA NIKE ran aground later, she was sailing in 22-ships convoy behind RUMFORD. RUMFORD was refloated at 1320 LT, while MINERVA NIKE remained aground.

According to track, as of 1130 UTC MINERVA NIKE was also refloated and already under way in Great Bitter Lake. Understood both tankers didn’t sustain damages, though it may not be the case with RUMFORD, she’s moving in Great Bitter Lake at some 6.6 knots surrounded by 3 tugs, probably under tow.

Maersk Tanker Collided With Greek Bulk Carrier, Both Seriously Damaged

Maersk brand-new product tanker RICH RAINBOW collided with Greek bulk carrier IVY ALLIANCE in Manila Bay 3 nm north of Cavite City, metropolitan Manila, at 2150 LT (UTC +8) Apr 7, in Manila anchorage area. RICH RAINBOW reportedly was leaving anchorage, she arrived there in the morning Apr 7 from Thailand Gulf of Siam, probably to get supplies or carry out crew change, with cargo of gasoline on board, though obviously, she’s only partially loaded. Bulk carrier IVY ALLIANCE was en route from Kalimantan Indonesia to Zhenjiang China with cargo of coal, she already passed Manila and was well to the north, when turned back in the morning Apr 7, and sailed to Manila Bay, probably also for supplies or crew change.
Both ships sustained serious damages – RICH RAINBOW suffered some 20 meters starboard hull breach above waterline at cargo deck level, IVY ALLIANCE suffered some 10-15 meters long breach in fore starboard area, also above waterline. As of 0430 UTC Apr 8, both ships remained at anchor at Manila Anchorage.