Violent Murder On Board Of MSC Mega Container Ship In The Pacific

A Filipino crew attacked another crew with knives on board of container ship MSC RAVENNA on Sep 20, while the ship was under way in the Pacific, en route from China to Long Beach – Los Angeles, USA, wrote Los Angeles Daily News. He stabbed his fellow seaman, also Filipino, 17 times, inflicting numerous wounds. His victim died from the wounds. Master of the ship persuaded attacker to surrender, he was locked in cabin, and arrested on ship’s arrival at Long Beach – Los Angeles, on Sep 22. On Sep 28 he was charged with murder, facing life sentence of death penalty. MSC RAVENNA left Los Angeles on Sep 28, bound for Oakland, USA.

Comment: Was is just a tragic accident, result of feud between two fellow seamen, or was it, at least partially, caused by growing tension among crew members, due to crew change crisis? By the way, everybody is writing and talking about crew change crisis, but there isn’t much talk about freedom crisis – basic human freedom to take a leave in port of call. Leaves in ports of call are, psychologically and physically, a must, if talking about crew health. Not your bloody health checks and compulsory wear of poisonous masks, but real health, body and mental.

Container ship MSC RAVENNA, IMO 9484431, dwt 165963, capacity 14000 TEU, built 2011, flag Liberia, manager MSC.

Yang Ming Container Ship Fuel Tank Crack

Oil sheen was spotted alongside container ship Yang Ming MANDATE, berthed at Bayonne Container Terminal, New Jersey, on Sep 28. CG carried out investigation, and found, that fuel oil was seeping from bunker tank crack. Barge was deployed to siphon fuel from damaged tank on Sep 30. Tank is to be repaired after all fuel is pumped out. As of morning Oct 1, the ship remained in the same position.

Container ship YM MANDATE, IMO 9438523, dwt 83200, capacity 6572 TEU, built 2010, flag Liberia, manager Yang Ming.

Containers On Fire On Board Of Container Ship, Bay Of Bengal

Fire erupted on board of container ship X-PRESS GODAVARI, anchored off Kolkata, eastern India, Bay of Bengal, in the morning Sep 28, on arrival from Port Klang, Malaysia. Indian Coast Guard ships and planes respond to emergency, understood firefighting is still under way, as of 0900 UTV Sep 28, AIS missing during last 16 hours. The ship is loaded with 506 containers, fire obviously, erupted in container or containers.

Container ship X-PRESS GODAVARI, IMO 9353735, dwt 10662, capacity 917 TEU, built 2008, flag Malta.

Bulk Carrier Grounding, Columbia River

Bulk carrier GENCO AUVERGNE loaded with grain grounded on Columbia river off Skamokawa Vista Park at around 0850 UTC Oct 1 after engine failure, while proceeding downstream en route from Vancouver Washington. The ship was refloated at around 2130 UTC and sailed upstream to Longview, where she berthed at around 0130 UTC Oct 2, understood for inspection.

Bulk carrier GENCO AUVERGNE, IMO 9557123, dwt 58020, built 2009, flag Marshall Islands.