World’s Largest Container Ship Anchored In Morocco’s Tanger Med

CMA CGM Jacques Saade, the world’s largest container ship functioning on liquified natural gas (LNG), reached Morocco’s Tanger Med port for the first time on Monday February 8.

Jacque Saade owns 9 container ships named after famous French monuments and places, such as Louvre, Paris, Rivoli, and Palais Royal. But this ship, with a capacity of 20 foot (23.000 EVP), is the largest container ship in the world and is named after him.

In November 2017, Rodolphe Saade decided to acquire nine 23.000 EVP container ships running on LNG, an unprecedented move in the industry of maritime transport.

The ship is 400 meters long, 61 meters large, and 78 meters tall.

According to the CMA CGM’s press release, LNG is considered the best material used  to preserve air quality. Using it eliminates higher levels of sulfur oxide and carbon dioxide emissions.

The innovation is considered an excellent response to global warming, since an LNG ship emits 20% less CO2 than an oil-fired one.

In addition to being eco-friendly, LNG ships have a trajectory prediction technology, and advanced reality screens.

Thanks to this technology, the CMA CGM group contributes 4% to the reduction of CO2 emissions worldwide.